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January Financials, American to Tokyo, GOL's Chapter 11 and Delta-Aeromexico's Woes

January Financials, American to Tokyo, GOL's Chapter 11 and Delta-Aeromexico's Woes

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The fourth quarter and full year 2023 financial reports from major US airlines provide the crew valuable insights into their performance and the overall state of the aviation industry. American Airlines' Haneda Airport tentative approval and GOL's Chapter 11 Filing are also part of the mix in episode five of the fifth season of the Airways Podcast.

The crew also discusses Delta Air Lines and Aeromexico's antitrust immunity ending. The US government announced that it does not plan to renew the immunity granted to Delt and Aeromexico for their codeshare agreement.

This decision came after the Mexican government made significant changes at Mexico City International Airport, the country's main hub.

What does 2024 hold for these and other airlines?

Hosted by Helwing Villamizar, Rohan Anand, and Vinay Bhaskara

Produced by Helwing Villamizar

Music: Fesliyan Studios

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The Airways Podcast
The Airways Podcast, hosted by Airways Digital Editor Helwing Villamizar and aviation analysts Rohan Anand and Vinay Bhaskara, is a bimonthly show that covers the latest news and updates from the commercial aviation industry. In each episode, we have discussions with guests and conduct a featured interview with a notable figure in the industry to gain insights into their plans, goals, and challenges. We also explore topics such as industry trends and recent developments, and analyze their impact on the commercial aviation sector.