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Airline Catering Unveiled: A Conversation with Gategroup's Jens Kuhlen

Airline Catering Unveiled: A Conversation with Gategroup's Jens Kuhlen

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In the latest episode of The Airways Podcast, join the crew and special guest Jens Kuhlen, President for North America at Gategroup, as they delve deep into the intricacies of the airline catering industry.

Gategroup’s subsidiary, Gate Gourmet (Switzerland, 1992), began as a catering service for Swissair. Over the years, it has grown into a global company with the most comprehensive catering network in the aviation industry. Gate Gourmet specializes in creating exceptional culinary concepts, handling everything from menu design to execution.

Present in 33 countries with over 135 units, the company provides reliable and standardized catering provisioning services, ensuring on-time performance for its airline customers and delivering a memorable onboard experience for passengers.

Jens Kuhlen joined Gategroup in 2015, initially assuming the role of Vice President of Group Controlling at Gategroup’s Zurich headquarters. He later progressed to the role of Chief Financial Officer for Gategroup’s North American region before being promoted to President of North America in 2022.

With a diverse professional history spanning over 25 years, Kuhlen holds a wealth of expertise in airline catering, corporate banking, and restructuring consulting.

Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the airline food catering system, as told by an industry expert.

Hosted by Helwing Villamizar, Rohan Anand, and Vinay Bhaskara

Produced by Helwing Villamizar

Music by Fesliyan Studios

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The Airways Podcast
The Airways Podcast, hosted by Airways Digital Editor Helwing Villamizar and aviation analysts Rohan Anand and Vinay Bhaskara, is a bimonthly show that covers the latest news and updates from the commercial aviation industry.
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